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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
21 March 2024, 15:31

Iceboy Violet & Nueen announce new Hyperdub album, share single ‘Closer’: Listen

A record based on the story of a four year relationship

Iceboy Violet & Nueen Hyperdub

Iceboy Violet and Nueen have announced a new collaboration. 'You Said You'd Hold My Hand Through The Fire' will land on 7th June through Hyperdub. 

First single 'Closer' has already dropped. You can listen to this below. 

The LP traces the story arc of a four year relationship, with Manchester-based musician, rapper and vocalist Iceboy Violet "fondly memorialising its highs and documenting its lows, trying to process and reflect positively and then ending with the ecstatic but ominous spark of new love". 

Known for their poetic, emotional lyrical qualities, words are set to music from Spanish producer Nueen, who adds drill-infused rhythms and grainy instrumentals. The pair long had mutual respect for each other's music, orbiting a similar hinterland between ambient, grime and industrial music. After noting their similar approaches, they began sharing ideas for a new collaboration, from which the full record began to take form. 

The release arrives in the midst of Hyperdub's 20th anniversary celebrates, which saw the label host a birthday event in fabric last week. This album follows the release of Chicago footwork artist Heavee's new album 'Unleash' earlier this month.