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Eoin Murray
19 October 2022, 12:52

Premiere: Nueen ‘Let Me Be Gone For A While’

Nueen steps up on Barcelona's Balmat label with ten tracks of ambient and downtempo music with an autumnal Balearic feel

Premiere: Nueen ‘Let Me Be Gone For A While’

Nueen will release a new album, ‘Diagrams of Thought’, via Barcelona’s Balmat label this month. Listen to ‘Let Me Be Gone For A While’ below. 

The Mallorca-born, Barcelona-based artist sculpts 10 tracks of ambient and downtempo music with a distinctly off-season Balearic feel; the sunset vibe it conjures is beautiful, but you may need a light jacket to keep the slight chill at bay. Flourishes of frosty drone, dub, drum & bass and new age curl through these compositions like gentle plumes of smoke. It’s music for the quiet moments after the sun has fully disappeared, its glow faintly humming over the horizon.  

Following releases from Patricia Wolf, Hoavi and Luke Sanger, it’s a fitting fourth addition to Balmat’s steadily growing catalogue of deep, atmospheric electronic music. Fans of Huerco S’ ‘For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)’ and Loraine James’ recent ‘Whatever The Weather’ project will find a lot to love on this album.

Speaking about the album’s sonic themes, Nueen said:  “Lately, I’ve become conscious of my fascination for the notion of the break, on a conceptual and musical level. What’s temporary and what’s permanent. Thinking and making out of what isn’t there, yet is. Some people would call it silence, but it could also be a skip of the needle, an ellipsis. Something very basic — or Basic Channelesque. A set of sounds and silences, structuring just a hint of rhythm. Sounds that become silences, and silences that become sounds.

“The other day, I was saying to someone that for me, the sound of electric current running through the power lines above the train tracks is the most ambient sound there is,” he continued. “That infinity in which you never quite grasp all the harmonics and reverberations. It’s a form of time detained or expanded. Recently, I’ve been rereading Morton Feldman – you can tell, right? Vertical time, the silence that sounds. A sort of sacredness. My mind is blown every time I walk into a church, for whatever that’s worth.”

‘Diagrams of Thought’ will be released on 28th October. Pre-order it here.