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Lake opens up about recent genre rant

Simply hating a genre because it’s not your preference- where’s the P.L.U.R. in that? DJ Mag investigates. 

Producer and seasoned vet of the dance music industry, Chris Lake opened up about genres stepping over one another recently on Facebook, and got everyone talking about the issue. 

"After all these years in this scene, it still staggers me how little tolerance there is amongst DJ's and fans for each genre. Techno hates everything, Europe disses EDM, Dubstep vs D&B. Well, I don't care. I'll tell you what I don't like. Narrow minded assholes. 

I love all the genre's. The deep stuff, the overly technical stuff, the really simple, frankly indulgent 'commercial' stuff. I'm open, but the hatred and lack of tolerance shown for each others parts of the scene is disturbing.

Maybe it's all because deep down, we each think our musical taste is the right choice, and everyone else is wrong?

Rant over." - Via Chris Lake’s Facebook Page 

While the Steve Aoki’s and Tiesto’s are always the first to get backlash for production and innovation- acclaimed for his DJ skills and humbleness, Laidback Luke received plenty of hate for the video of his b2b set with Sander van Doorn and Aoki during Miami Music Week. Thus opening the floodgates of different genre’s fans/haters much like tech-house dudes- Art Department who truly came out to kill via their FB.

“ok i know we're a bit late on this one and it's already made the rounds but something has to be said.. by us.

All three of these duchebags need to stop calling what they do "dj'ing" because its an insult to the rest of us who treat this profession with respect and spend our lives hunting for great music and perfecting our craft. We only recognize which one Steve Aoki is out of this lot but him and the other two jerkoffs who look like the knobs they're pretending to work can all lick their own vaginas. You're fucking embarrassing yourselves for a paycheque that coudn't possibly cover the cost of your dignity. How does that feel you fucking posers??" Via Art Department’s Facebook Page


Whoa. Seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Chris Lake definitely deemed so telling us here at DJ Mag that the hate is what instigated his rant. "Calling names like they’re [Art Department] talking about character is just really rude,” says Lake, unamused. "I don’t like people thinking that they’re better than someone else based on their musical taste. Like people really shitting on Steve Aoki- most of these people haven’t met him. If you’ve met him you would have a completely different opinion of him because he’s a really nice guy.” But even aside from the rudeness- he had plenty to say about Art Department's 'DJ-ing skills' as well.

"I like Art Department's music but it's a completely different genre, they're bringing something completely different to the table but at the same time- I straight away went to YouTube and typed in 'ART DEPRATMENT live' and the first video that comes up is a live stream of them performing a Beatport event. It was an hour long video of Art Department performing, putting their hands up in the air doing the whole quote and I challenge anyone to go look at that video and see if there is any difference between what they’re doing and what Steve, Sander, and Luke were doing in that minute and a half video with their arms in the air," says Lake. 

And this is where the Internet comes into play. Right after Lake tells all, a video surfaced much like the one making fun of the electro-house trio but this time with Art Department under the magnifying glass.

"I'm not sticking up for these guys [Luke, Aoki and Sander] at all,” Chris Lake tells DJ Mag. "I’m not sticking up for the video. I'm not saying that it's all some sort of skill. I just don’t see why people have such horrible manners. It's all music, it's creation- there should just be positive vibes. I don't like seeing people call people 'fucking assholes' or 'shit' because of the music they make. 

It’s like calling someone a cunt because they’re Christian. It’s no different. That’s not fair. Judging someone because of his or her sex, it’s no different- I have no tolerance for it.”


Chris Lake adds: "Art Department come across as absolute fucking idiots. So rude, so derogatory- completely unneeded."

While this may be harsh to hear, Lake is calling it like he sees it. Why do we always seek out to hate and generate such negative vibes when the scene grows and prospers out of love and respect for all music. Dance music is supposedly aabout embracing and incorporating all different types of music whether that be a Steve Aoki track with your favorite rapper or an Empire of the Sun remix. So, can we all get off of our high horses and hug it out? - Sara Tariq