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As most of you are already aware, Future Music Festival Asia 2015, the largest music festival in Asia is now calling Singapore its home. After three years in Malaysia, FMFA will be held in the Lion City, and we at DJ Mag MY are embracing it with excitement, and would like to guide you revelers through an exhilarating weekend filled with indie, pop, RnB and electronic line ups with the FMFA travel guide below!

With Singapore being our “jiran sebelah”, there are tons of ways to get there – we don’t recommend hitchhiking though!

Our top choice has to be the music-pumping-filled-road-trip with our family of friends – coupled with a warm-up music selection of what will be dropped, danced and sang to once the party kicks off at the Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC).

The journey can take up to 6 hours, so we highly recommend that you guys take turns to drive in order to conserve your energy for the partying, and do the most Malaysian thing, by making countless makan pit-stops on your way.

First off, if you’re on an early start, stop by the Seremban wet market for a kick-ass dose of Beef Ball Noodles. Slurp that up and give yourself a refresher with the ice-cold cendol that is located in the carpark just outside the wet market. Girls get your men to make a pit stop at Johor Premiums Outlet should you require a last minute fix to FMFA outfit roster, but do be mindful of the time spent there as you would not want to get stuck in the late-afternoon crawl that picks up in Johor Bahru around 4.30pm.

If you’re traveling alone or don’t feel like driving, there are busses and trains (if you have time to kill, and would like to write a novel) available, ranging from RM34 to RM240, you can kick back, relax and count sheep as you make your way down south. A return trip with the luxury Odyssey coach will cost you RM 226, and includes F&B, Wi-Fi connectivity, a private entertainment system, as well as a charging portal (YES!).

Your final option would be to fly there, and you’re in luck, as all major Malaysian airlines currently offer reduced flight rates all thanks to the no fuel surcharge promotion that was introduced all thanks to the global drop in fuel prices. Flight ticket prices range from RM90-200, and if you are indeed flying, do book at as the hotel rooms get significantly cheaper when packaged together.

If you want to start the party the moment you depart KL, all you have to do is purchase your FMFA tickets from and they will take you on their party bus for no cost – that’s right, some things in life do come free-of-charge.

When in Singapore, there is no need to spend big bucks for swanky rooms at hotels as you’d be spending a majority of your day out and about. The cheaper options are budget hotels, hostels and home stays. All it takes is a click here and there on the internet machine and you’d be able to locate places to stay that are within your budget ranging from a mere RM50-RM300.

Suggested options are, Footprints Hostel located in Little India, where you can have you late night fix of Roti Canai after a long day of partying just around the corner, or check out The Bohemian Chic Hostel in Chinatown, where you can wake up to the tantalizing aroma of Singaporean Prawn Mee, and Dim Sum from the hawker stalls around the area.

While in Singapore, you and your friends should check out what Singapore has to offer; after all they are #1 on Lonely Planet’s list of Top 10 country’s to visit in 2015 and you do have time to spare before the festival.

For a budget traveller, here are some things you can do in Singapore for free. Check out Singapore’s Really Really Free Market, located at The Mill, where you can pick up items for, well you guessed it, FREE. Although a barter system is encouraged, you still won’t be required to fork out any cash. (NO KIDDING)

If you’re feeling artsy, do visit ION Orchard Gallery where the space is entirely dedicated to local and international artists who wish to display their work, and you guessed it, entrance is free. If you’re a huge comic book enthusiast, pay a visit to Atom Comic, where man and superhero’s meet – but do check their schedule in advance as even Superheroes have other places to be at times. (SAVING THE WORLD, MAYBE)

If you’re in the mood for pre-party drinks, Singapore has many options to offer you starting with their biggest hit, FIVE Izakaya Bar that offers its patrons beer for just 5SGD (RM13). The Drinking Market on East Coast Road sells beer at RM26 and they have no service charge. Just like Izakaya Bar, The Cider Pit on Joo Chiat Road offers half a pint for $5, with the added element of being able to choose from 50 different imported beers and ciders to indulge in!

For RM34 at Axiz Bar and Lounge in Mandarin Oriental, you can easily get yourself a cocktail and three different kinds of tapas, a good choice for those who want to pre-party up in a slightly primo stylo way.
Speaking of food, we know you get hungry and Singapore has some of the best food to try since they were named 2013’s Best Street Food City (MALAYSIANS MIGHT STRONGLY DISAGREE). If you’re hankering for something heavy, Chili Crab at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, and Fish Head Curry at Muthu’s Curry, both located on Dempsey Road are the must try’s.

If you’re planning on fuelling up before the long and wild day ahead, why not go on a mini-food trail with picks such as Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Center, Fried Carrot Cake in Red Hill Food Court, and Hokkien Prawn Mee at Chomp Chomp Food Center.

After a night of fist pumping, foot thumping and fan-girl screaming, it’s about time you gave your body a break.

Take a trip down to Teo Heng Porriddge Stall in Hong Lim Food Center and have some of their famous porridge to ease your sore throat, then head on down to any of the Wan Yan branches, located in the various corners of Singapore to sit back and relax while you get your body ironed out and prepped for part 2 of FMFA 2015!

By Lydia Lohshini