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Gold Panda Presents 'Companion'

New release and video

Last year, London-based producer Gold Panda released his debut album 'Lucky Shiner' to critical acclaim. Now Ghostly International has put together 'Companion', a compilation of three of his 2009 EPs ('Before', 'Miyamae' and 'Quitter's Raga') plus one non-EP track.

Track List:

01. Quitter’s Raga
02. Fifth Ave
03. Like Totally
04. Back Home
05. Mayuri
06. Long Vacation
07. Lonely Owl
08. I Suppose I Should Say ‘Thanks’ Or Some Shit
09. Heaps
10. Bad Day Bad Loop
11. Triangle Cloud
12. Win-San Western

The album might lack the seamless aural narrative of 'Lucky Shiner', but it promises to be a journey into the melancholic heart of Gold Panda as he churns out the sounds of horns, Indian sitars, and water droplets from his Akai MPC2000XL sampler.

Follow Gold Panda in the video below while he was on tour in Germany and recalls the themes of loneliness and introspection in 'Lucky Shiner'.

Gold Panda is on tour now.