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Football fans, EDM and dubstep at London's Boxpark

If you are yet to discover Inspected, check out this feature we did on them a while back...

As Inspected's first ever live event, expectations were high and nobody really knew what to expect, with a huge line-up consisting of xKore, Asa & Sorrow, Culprate, Gemini, and Inspector Dubplate. The fact the event was completely free of charge made this simply too good to miss. 

When DJ Mag arrived on a sunny Thursday afternoon, we could not have been less prepared for the onslaught of bass and screaming mids that greeted us as we entered Inspected's terrace. XKore was the cause of all the fuss, and in typical xKore style, he was not fucking about. XKore is a DJ/producer that knows no warm-up, which made us think that Inspected would have been better off scheduling him later in the night, but hey, a six-person moshpit seemed to be enjoying themselves — so who are we to judge!

Walking through Boxpark, the mix of people was vast. Ghanaian and Portugeuse football fans were to one side cheering on their respective teams, and businessmen and families were to the other having chilled drinks and some food after a tiring day. In the midst of this were the Inspected crew and it was amusing to see how easily they could be told apart — snapbacks, a wave of moustaches and beaming faces were a dead giveaway and a credit to the label and their scene.

Once Asa & Sorrow came on after xKore, a decent crowd had amassed and quickly lapped up a round of 2014's biggest grime tracks, highlights including Wen's unstoppable 'Signals', Impey's 'Bangclap', and the crowds rendition of Lethal Bizzle's POW. The enthusiasm shown by Inspected's fans soon drew attention from bystanders outside of the event, and before long football fans were skanking with the rest of the crowd, and punters were sharing spliffs with dodgy-looking businessman. 

From then on the good vibes continued to blossom, and with Culprate on next — who was clearly a fan favourite — the atmosphere grew and multiple rewinds started to work their way into the set. There were massive reactions to pretty much every track, with almost the whole set consisting of purely his own music. This video says it all:

Gemini and Inspector Dubplate were on next and the energy stayed high — the music venturing more into EDM realms. Gemini's older material was well recieved, his track 'Visions' a highlight of the set. 

Eventually Boxpark pulled the plug, preventing an encore despite numerous chants from the crowd and even a short-lived sit down protest. The event had a great family vibe to it, and it was great to see such passion for the music and label. Massive thanks to Inspected for the event, we hope to see another one soon!