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Introducing Stone & Gerra

Newcomers show what Southampton has been hiding

Southampton is the small city with the big scene. In the last four years Southampton’s drum & bass scene has grown to monstrous proportions. As well as regularly hosting nights for the big players such as Hospital, Shogun, Digital Sound Boy and Critical the city has an array of local nights, Raygun Youth, Enter, Release and of course the now legendary Wax.

Since meeting on the scene, two local DJs come producers have joined forces to become one of d&b’s most promising acts for the future. As individuals they regularly DJ up and down the country and their new track has received nationwide support on the dancefloor as well as the radio - meet Stone & Gerra            

When did you start working together?
"Both of us grew up around the Southampton area and have been DJing on the same circuit for about four years, so it was a natural progression to start to write music together. We actually went to the same school but met a few years later through a mutual friend."

Why did you start working together?
"We have always had very similar influences and share a love for the deep, rolling side of d&b. After a few sessions in the studio we found that we were solid as a team and that working as a collaborative brought out our best musical attributes. We have been bashing our heads against a computer screen trying to hone down our sound ever since!"

How would you best describe your musical style?
"Our sound contains everything that we love from the early tech-step era, with a blend of current production styles and other music genres such as dub, soul and hip-hop. The dancefloor is always in mind when we are in the studio together, but we are conscious to create something original and interesting to the home listener at the same time."

Where have you been receiving a good reception?
"Our home town has been the place where we have received the most support, especially at Release which is a monthly night run by ourselves and fellow Southampton heads MCs Visionobi and R-Dange. We have also received a nice amount of support for our DJing in Bournemouth, Bristol, Leeds and Brighton. Recently, our music has gained support from other artists within the scene such as Octane & DLR, Amoss, Script, Judda, and also other up and comers such as J. Robinson, Overlook & Arma, Cursa, and Clarity to name a few."

Stone & Gerra - Anywhere But Here (Clip) by Gerra

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Words: Nicola Elliott