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Jackmaster: ‘DJing gives you a rush from the tips of your toes right up to your head’

The Scottish don expounds in new interview... 

Jackmaster has delved into his DJing philosophy in a new interview with Billboard. The high-flying Scottish player is joined by friend and fellow risen-star Peggy Gou, who also offers her thoughts on what it takes to move dancefloors, and keep things interesting. 

"DJing gives you a rush from the tip of your toes right up to your head," says Jackmaster, one of DJ Mag's UK cover stars from last summer and a name set to play the opening season of new Stockholm spot Kvarteret

"Even I don’t know what’s coming next most of the time. My sets at their most eclectic would include everything I like: house, techno, disco, Italo, dubstep, grime, 80s pop and everything in between."

"I do this because I love music - I am giving what I love the most to people and when they receive it and feel the same way I find this super inspiring," Gou is quoted as saying. "I would say that these days I am trying to be more eclectic - I played mostly house and disco sets last year but now I try to play all different kinds of styles."