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Legowelt has created a DIY synth, the Star Shepherd: Watch

The Dutch production luminary has created his very own instrument to make synth music...

Dutch production savant Legowelt has invented his own DIY instrument, which he’s titled the Star Shepherd. The new invention has been made from old guitar pedals, a Casio Keyboard from 1981 and a small AM radio. 

Speaking about the Star Shepherd, Legowelt said that it was “very noisy, crackley and sometimes starts doing its own thing like some sentient synthesizer being that is alive. This makes it quite an adventurous experience”.

Legowelt posted a video of himself using the Star Shepherd where one fan commented: “Everyone take notes! You watching a master at work!” (sic). You can check it out below.

Legowelt, who's played at events such as Berlin Atonal, assembled the instrument using glue, tape and screws, as well as LED strips. The final product can make complex harmonic tones. Legowelt has recently spoken about his music in a documentary called How To Make A – Legowelt – Track.

Words: Charlotte Gill