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Loop the Sequence

Stanton launches C.324 CD deck with sequence trigger pads

The latest CDJ from Stanton updates and expands upon the C.314 with many new features for the creative DJ. Featuring audio playback of MP3s and CD audio with onboard file browsing it comes loaded with seven digital effects and a new real time pattern sequencer for drum machine style performance. This comes by way of the new trigger pads which combine with loop points to create trigger sequences for instant remixing and re-editing of tracks. This also locks in with the BPM engine for seamless looping with segments of bar, ½ bar, ¼ bar etc

Price is TBC, get the low down over at

Feature highlights of the Stanton C.324 include…

  • • Tabletop CD player with touch sensitive jog wheel for scratching and beat juggling
  • • CD slot drive mechanism
  • • MP3 playback with text display and onboard file and folder browsing
  • • Onboard pattern and real time sequencer for the on-the-fly drum machine style performances
  • • 7 high-quality beat synchronized digital effects: Filter, Auto Filter, Echo, Phaser, Flanger, Transform, Pan
  • • Beat synchronized sampling and looping with four trigger pads and cue memory
  • • Auto and manual BPM control
  • • Vinyl emulation with adjustable platter start / brake speed
  • • Adjustable pitch (+/- 8%, 16%, 25%, 100%) with pitch blend
  • • Key lock allows a song's tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the song
  • • Reliable anti-shock playback with auto cue
  • • Blue LCD display with visual marketing
  • • S/PDIF digital output