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Ahead of Miller SoundClash we look back on MMT 2013

It’s nearly that time of year again and to get us hyped up for Vegas, we take a look back at last year’s incredible Miller Music tour in New York City with attendee Lola Scotta.

Tell us about the moment you arrived in NYC for MMT 2013 – how did it feel?
“It was amazing! We arrived at the penthouse, which was the best place for meeting and drinking MGD. Within five minutes we were already dancing! The energy level was epic!”

Tell us about the tour schedule – what were the highlights?
“Wow… how much time do you have? My best moment was when the DJs from all the countries played [on the roof] at Capital Records. The level of energy everyone had was amazing! Another highlight for me was LAVO. It was an experience money cannot buy. The people, the places, the VIP treatment, the permanent surprises and the venues - once in a lifetime!”

What was the most unforgettable moment of the tour?
“Tough one! I think it was LAVO. I really could not believe all the party animals dancing on top of the tables… amazing, simply amazing!”

Describe what it was like to see Sebastian Ingrosso at the Highline Ballroom. What was the atmosphere like? How good was his set and did he get the crowd going?
“It was really incredible! The lights, the sound, Ingrosso being so into the event and the music. We were stunned! We were in the VIP area upstairs with my entire group and after feeling the energy we decided to get a closer look. I tried to squeeze in to be close to him and could not believe the level of energy!”

Did you make friends for life?
"You bet! It’s been over a year now and we still have a group chat on WhatsApp where we talk every day and we support each other, we make jokes and invite each other to events. I thought I was going on a trip with little stars, and I came back with 10 friends!"