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A NASA space blanket is to create a giant shaded area at Burning Man

A futuristic way to keep cool at one of the world’s hottest festivals…

A new campaign has been launched to create a shaded area at Burning Man this year using a massive NASA space blanket.

The project, which was started by Russian architect Sasha Shtanuk, aims to raise enough funding to bring the 10,000 square metre reflective silver blanket to the festival, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada.

According to the Indiegogo funding page, the campaign will require $17,500 in order to get the blanket to the festival, which takes place from 26th August to 4th September. This money is needed to transport the blanket from Russia to the desert as well as for numerous materials. The deadline for their funding campaign is 5th August.

The silver side of the “Blanket at Burning Man” is made using a particular metallic agent which will reflect up to 97% of all radiated heat.

“During the hot daytime room under the Blanket will be used as a comfy and refreshing rest area where anyone can relax, chill, have a nap or dance,” the official description reads. “At night hundreds of people in el-wire suits will get together under the blanket creating an effect of oceanic bioluminescent plankton or moving waves of equalizer. Ever since we were children and throughout our life we share the space under the blanket with lovers, friends and family. Under the Blanket there are no strangers.”

Donate to “The Blanket at Burning Man” here.

Also set to appear at this year’s Burning Man is a 100-foot-tall mirror ball called the ORB. It looks pretty wild.