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Olivia Stock
18 March 2024, 10:41

Jeff Mills’ new album is a “cosmic opera” about a journey to a black hole

The new multidisciplinary project is described as “Broadway stuck in an elevator with NASA and Marvel Comics”

Photo of Jeff Mills wearing a long green coat and standing in a dark tunnel with lights

Jeff Mills has unveiled that his new album, ‘The Trip – Enter The Black Hole’, will be accompanied by a cosmic-themed immersive A/V show.

The multidisciplinary project – described as a “cosmic opera” – is set to premiere at Zero Tokyo on 1st April in collaboration with Japanese production group, Cosmic Lab.

‘The Trip – Enter The Black Hole’ will feature the sounds of Mills’ tenth studio album accompanied by video, lighting and costume design and contemporary dance, in an exploration of the “five theoretical scenarios of what happens when one enters and passes through a Black Hole to the other side.”

The 12-track album was created in collaboration with Japanese New Wave vocalist Jun Togawa, with additional musical input from synth player Shinichi Yamaguchi and guitarist Kazuhide Yamaji.

Launching digitally on 20th March, the ‘The Trip – Enter The Black Hole’ album will be followed by vinyl and CD editions in mid-May. You'll be able to listen to the album here.

‘The Trip – Enter The Black Hole’ A/V show premieres with two performances at Zero Tokyo on 1st April 2024. Doors open at 5.30pm for the first show, which runs from 6.30pm to 8pm. The second show starts later at 9.45pm and ends at 11.15pm; doors open at 9pm. Tickets are on sale here.

Jeff Mills has long been fascinated with space, and debuted his 2017 EP ‘Lost In Space’ at a live performance in Toulouse, France accompanied by the Orchestre du Capitole. Watch that performance here.

Last year, Jeff Mills also created a new electronic music-based score for Fritz Lang’s silent 1927 film ‘Metropolis’.

In 2022, NASA released an audio recording of a black hole, which is scaled up 57 or 58 octaves above its true pitch so it can be heard by humans. Check out the recording here.

The discovery came a month after NASA unveiled a recording that revealed that Mars has two speeds of sound. Back in January, New Scientist revealed that a "mysterious object" was blasting radio waves in space.