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Ninja Tune Zen Delay Hardware Unit Leaked

Are the label giants moving into the hardware game? 

Ninja Tune appear to be building their own branded hardware delay unit. According to leaked photos from Gearporn.Berlin, the 'Zen Delay' is a multi-made delay unit with a valve signal path, low-pass, high-pass and bandpass filter, MIDI in and Drive knob. While none of the tech specs are official, it's clear from the front panel that there are four modes of Delay – BBD for classic 80s-chip delay, ping-pong for left-and-right channel delay effects, tape delay and standard stereo delay. 

While the unit could be a one-off, the standard to which it's finished suggests it's the real deal. Given Ninja Tune's aversion to software and apps in the past, it wouldn't be a huge surprised if they moved into hardware. See more pics on the Gearporn.Berlin website

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