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April Clare Welsh
7 March 2024, 15:36

Nabihah Iqbal releases ‘Dreamer’ remix EP on Ninja Tune: Listen

The remix EP features contributions from Frank Wiedermann, Haider Uppal and others

Nabihah Iqbal
Credit: Joseph Hayes

Nabihah Iqbal has released a remix EP of her ‘Dreamer’ album for Ninja Tune.

Out now, the five-track EP features contributions from Frank Wiedermann, SIDD, Haider Uppal, Pakistani musicians Slowspin (featuring Zak Khan) and Indian ambient and experimental musician Sijya, all of whom Iqbal has performed alongside.

"I wanted to use the opportunity of putting together remixes for DREAMER to highlight some of the musicians that I've crossed paths with, whose work I really admire, and whose artistry is an inspiration for me," she says.

Iqbal notes that the musicians are just "a handful" of people "whose creations and performances have struck a chord" with her. "And so it's an honour to be able to present a body of work in this way, after making those musical connections. All the remix artists also happen to be South Asian, and so it feels extra special to be able to highlight some of the amazing musical talent that is coming out of our community. "

Check it out via Bandcamp below.

The ten-track 'Dreamer' album marked the London artist's second for Ninja Tune following her 2017 debut LP 'The Weighing Of The Heart'. '