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Eoin Murray
29 November 2022, 17:56

Premiere: Sijya ‘Tell Me’

New Delhi's Sijya debuts on Accidental Records with six cuts of lush downtempo electronics and smoky, introspective vocals

Premiere: Sijya ‘Tell Me’

Sijya will release her debut EP, ‘Young Hate’, via Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records this week. Listen to the closing track, ‘Tell Me’, below. 

The New Delhi-based audio-visual artist follows up her first track, ‘Have To Make My Bed’, which appeared on SUCHI’s ‘Selects’ compilation for, with six cuts of lush downtempo electronics and smoky, introspective vocals. Crackling Boards of Canada-esque beats echo against warming synth melodies and ambient chimes, creating hypnotic backdrops for Sijya’s bittersweet lyrics. 

‘Tell Me’ closes the EP on a classic trip-hop tip, with mournful minor keys, crunching drums and fuzzy electric guitars latching onto Sijya’s distorted vocals. It’s the sort of tune you’d sink into the couch to at 5 AM.  

Sijya has described ‘Young Hate’ as being “born out of experiments and chasing a few exciting ideas... It’s about exploring while making.” It’s a perfect addition to Accidental Records, whose catalogue places tough dancefloor material next to more inward-looking, headphone-focused music in symbiotic harmony. 

Each track from the release will come paired with a video, in keeping with Sijya’s work in visual art and graphic design. These were made in collaboration with friends and peers including performance artist Urvi Vora, animators Mehr and Aditya, filmmakers Bhushitendu and Subodh Pareek, and Annette Jacob. The visualiser for ‘Clear’, which you can watch here, was edited by Sijya out of archival footage from her father’s home video archive. 

Sijya will play her debut live show at Magnetic Fields Festival  in Rajasthan next week. 

‘Young Hate’ will be released on 2nd December. Pre-order it here.