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With Miller Genuine Draft

Norman Doray is living the EDM dream. With productions on the scene's finest labels (Axtone, Size, Cr2, LE7ELS), and support from the scene's biggest names (Guetta, Angello, Avicii et al) the Frenchman is flying high.

New single 'TroubleMaker' which is out now on Steve Angello's Size Recordings was premiered on the SHM don's Essential Mix and marks the arrival of a tougher electronic sound for Norman Doray.

We spoke to Norman about the state of the French EDM scene, his favourite global cities and his 'TroubleMaker' past...

Who are you? Please introduce yourself:
French, producer, DJ, 'TroubleMaker', surfer, tennis player, wine lover.

Describe your sound in no more than 5 words:
Groove, energy, big-room, melody, personal

Who are your biggest influences? 
A lot from disco to French touch…Chic, Sister Sledge, Daft Punk, Cassius and Modjo. 

The EDM explosion has seen you gigging across the globe, but how do you rate the scene in your native France at the moment?A lot of people have asked me about this. France has always been a good country for electronic music but not for EDM, that's the difference. Right now the main clubbing vibe is terrible, but there are still big things happening with the Ed Banger crew and deep house is coming back too.

You are renowned for your raucous DJ sets in addition to your big-room productions. Which cities do you most look forward to playing in?
I love a lot of cities in the world…Like London, Tokyo, Camboriu (Where Green Valley club is located) and Ibiza for sure!

You have just released 'TroubleMaker' on Steve Angello's Size record label. Tell us about it...
I actually took my time to do 'TroubleMaker'. Im not used to this more "electroish" sound, so I wanted to make it right, especially with the right bass sounds. I wanted to make something groovy but strong and the same time. Initially I had used a vocal sample, a well known one that I couldn't get cleared, so I've asked my best friend Arno Cost to add his vocal instead of the sample. He came with the TroubleMaker idea…Brilliant!

And are you a trouble maker? 
We are all trouble makers you know…But 'TroubleMaker' is not necessarily a bad meaning when its related to the party!

So what is the most trouble you have ever been in then?
Well, things can happen when you tour so much; two years ago I was banned from an Airline company and arrested by the police. It was pretty serious…but I didn't do anything wrong, it was just a big mistake. All good now though! [laughs]

Your tracks have been released on some of the world's most in-demand labels. Are you tempted to launch your own imprint? 
My answer is simple; Yes! Wait and see…It's coming really soon!

Great, exciting times! Finally, what do we have to look forward to in the coming months?
I'm ready for the next months! I have music in stock, I will be opening the label and I have  a new team around me, so stay tuned!