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Paranoid London pay tribute to late LGBTQ activist and DJ, Bubbles, on new EP

'The Boombox Affair' is to be released on 17th August...

Paranoid London have revealed they will release a new EP, which is a tribute to the late San Francisco LGBTQ activist and DJ, Bubbles, who was shot and killed in the city last year. 'The Boombox Affair' is set to be released on 17th  August.

Speaking in a Facebook post about their tribute to Bubbles, real name Anthony Torres, Paranoid London said:

“We met Bubbles at the Sunset Campout in California last year after giving him a pair of socks to pad his bra out. He was exactly the kind of character we love to work with & we all decided that we should make a track together.

“The week that we were supposed to send him a backing track tragedy struck and he was gunned down and killed in the Tenderloin District of San Fransisco... San Fran-fucking-sisco! The one place on Earth he should have been safe. To date the crime remains unsolved and nobody has yet been charged with his murder (although it is pretty much an open secret who was responsible).

“The next time we were in San Fran we were talking to mutual friends and they told us how excited he was to be doing the record. We couldn’t let that slide so we decided we had to make the track.

“We took some audio from his Facebook account (a piece of film where he breaks in to a construction yard on his own, sets up his decks & holds a rave for himself), did our usual repetitive drums and acid and married the two together. The result is ‘The Boombox Affair’ (named after a night run by Larry Gonnello Jnr).

All profits from the record are going to two San Francisco charities said to be close to Bubbles’ heart: St. James Infirmary and Lyon Martin.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.