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Porter Robinson: "I don’t think I’ve ever really been a raver"

The electronic star reveals a few home truths... 

Porter Robinson has said that he doesn't see himself as a fully-fledged raver in a recent interview by Michelle Lhooq for The Fader. 

"I don't think I've ever really been a raver," the U.S. electronic star states early on in the article. 

Perhaps surprisingly, then, he goes on to say that his new album, 'Virtual Self', manages to bring together some pretty disparate sounds, all of which are direct products of rave culture; trance, jungle and slow breakbeats, to namecheck the specifics. 

He then explains that the album is an attempt to aurally realise his memories of listening to electronic music on the internet, and how his productions started garnering attention long before he could actually (legally) get through the door of a nightclub. This meant he consumed those sounds online. 

Robinson was the cover star for the February 2018 issue of DJ Mag USA, the same month he revealed a third music video from new album 'Virtual Self'. Giving us plenty of in-depth insights, he charts the full story of what's easily his bravest work to date, from finding inspiration in 'the golden era of trance' to the difficulty of trying to follow up his acclaimed 2014 record, 'Worlds'. Typically candid for a producer who began this year with a leaked promotional message in which he voiced strong opinions on contemporary electronic music, its convergence with pop and the fact artists apparently no longer take risks.

Read Michelle Lhooq's full interview via The Fader here.