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Porter Robinson reveals new Virtual Self video for ‘Ghost Voices’: Watch

This is the third official music video from Porter’s newly launched side project…

Porter Robinson has returned as Virtual Self, his newly launched side project, with a new music video for the track ‘Ghost Voices’.

The ‘Ghost Voices’ visual — the third official music video off the Virtual Self self-titled EP from last year, following clips for ‘Eon Break’ and ‘Particle Arts’ — is a trippy and cryptic ride set within a dilapidated computer lab. The dystopian vibes in the clip are a stark contrast to the beautifully animated short film for ‘Shelter’, his mega collaboration with Madeon.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve been watching the Virtual Self project unfold. “Virtual Self is the furthest thing from an attempt to please my fans or make what they want,” said Robinson in this month’s DJ Mag North America cover feature.

“I wanted Virtual Self to be something that a good chunk of Porter fans might reject. That’s a sign of success. I feel like if I did something that was popular amongst every single person who follows me, then I must have compromised along the way somehow. I don’t want anyone to have to force themselves to try to be a part of it. I want this to be for people who love it as much as I do," Porter added.

He continued the sentiment in a recent promotional message that leaked last month. “As electronic music essentially converged with pop in 2016 (for the second time in the last 10 years, the other time being 2011), I think it’s pushed a lot of artists away from risk-taking and passion projects,” he wrote. “In the last two years, for most artists, all they really had to do was compromise their style by like 30% and add a safe, inoffensive tropical vocal to have a chance at having a hit — and I think for many, that temptation was too much…I hope that by doing something unexpected, I can shake things up and hopefully inspire other artists to do something weird.”

Watch the Virtual Self video for ‘Ghost Voices’ in full below, and read our cover feature with Porter Robinson.