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Premiere: Al Zanders ‘Likes For Cash’

London’s Al Zanders delivers the first release on Roy Davis Jr.’s Undaground Therapy label in 16 years. ‘Likes For Cash’ is rattling, melodic dancefloor scratcher...

The most recent release on Roy Davis Jr.’s Undaground Therapy label was 16 years ago. There weren’t supposed to be any more.

Now however, the label has just re-launched and is about to release the first EP of 2018 from London’s Al Zanders AKA Lodger. The producer and afrobeat edit extraordinaire has put out some great releases in the past few years, including a dreamy outing last year on Phonica Records in 2017 and the dreamy, ethereal jazz house outing ‘Limb Valley’ back in 2015 on Blind Jack’s Journey.

Now, he marks the joyous return of Undaground Therapy with the equally joyous ‘Guidance’ EP of deep, organic and soulful house. ‘Likes For Cash’ on the B-side is a rattling, melodic dancefloor scratcher with glitchy retro keys, flamboyant hi-hats and and a lush breakdown.

The EP is available on 12” now. You can grab a copy here.

Photo credit: Olivia Watkins