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Premiere: Christophe ‘Unity Vibez’

Futureboogie readies the latest edition of its ‘Summer Riot’ EP series. Christophe opens Vol. 7 with ‘Unity Vibez’, a deep bass groover with flourishing melodies and bleep loyalties...

Bristol’s Futureboogie release the latest installment of its ‘Summer Riot’ EP series today (31st August) and it is, as ever, a treat.

The seventh edition of the lauded series finds producers Kiwi, Neil Diablo and Christophe stepping up with three massive tracks that are tailor made for the end of summer festival floor. Neil Diablo’s ‘Shot Caller’ is a battered Italo jam while Kiwi’s ‘Abaco’ is a huge cut of dense synths and propulsive groove.

The EP opens with Christophe’s ‘Unity Vibez’ a track that nods to the classic bleep sound of Sheffield. All deep bass groove and flourishing melody, it’s a gripping, glistening track to heat up any dancefloor it crosses.

‘Summer Riot Vol. 7’ is out today. Grab it here.