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Premiere: Gui Boratto ‘Overload (feat. Luciana Villanova)’

11 years on from his stunning breakthrough, Gui Boratto’s new album ‘Pentagram’ lands in June on Kompakt. ‘Overload (feat. Luciana Villanova)’ is a powerful, personal melodic techno triumph...

Gui Boratto has stood at the helm of melodic house and techno producers for over a decade now. Since his universally lauded Kompakt debut ‘Chromophobia’ in 2007, the Brazilian producer/live artist has carved a name for himself as one of the most vital players in the realm of epic, emotive club music.

Now, he is set to release his first LP since 2014. Back again on Wolfgang Voigt’s Kompakt, Boratto will release ‘Pentagram’ on 15th June. With a focus on classic drum programming fused with organic percussion, a newfound love of the Buchla modular synth and a compositional mastery giving his work a peerless edge, what we’ve heard from the album already has been sensational – ‘Forgive Me’ is a deep, trance leaning opus that we expect to hear in many a big venue this summer.

This is my 5th album, it couldn’t have a different name then ‘Pentagram’,” he says when describing the background for the record. “Especially with all the premises it had. I’m not talking about religion or sect, but the golden proportion, the number pHI and all the relations between nature and maths. When I’m doing and album, I don’t think too much. It’s a very natural and intuitive process. In a way, the music reflects everything we’re passing through: Happiness, moods, difficulties and life.”

“There’s so many things that defer from my previous albums on ‘Pentagram’,” he adds. “I have so many recorded instruments. Drums for example, that I played myself on ‘The Black Bookshelf’ and 'Overload'. Also guitars and bass guitars during the whole recording process.

There’s a full strings section and other orchestra instruments on ‘Scene 2’. Besides that, there’s lots of hardware and soft synths. But this album is the most equilibrated and balanced between industrial and organic elements.”

‘Overload’ premiering below, is a collaboration between Boratto and his wife Luciana Villanova, who has previously provided vocals on tracks like ‘Beautiful Life’, ‘No Turning Back’ and ‘This Is Not The End’. “The song naturally happened,” he says. “Especially with her. It’s so nice to work with my wife. I love all of her ideas.”

With Villanova’s haunting, altered vocals hovering over the cyborg sounds of shimmering electronics and rattling drums, we can understand his sentiment entirely.

Pre-order the album here.