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Premiere: Historical Repeater ‘Flashdrive’

Solid Blake and CTRLS join forces as Historical Repeater. ‘Scientific Calculator’ drops next week on Earwiggle with ‘Flashdrive’ leading the electro supercharge with fierce abandon…

Individually, CTRLS and Solid Blake have been causing a stir in underground techno and electro spheres for some time now. Danish DJ/producer CTRLS has become known on the Copenhagen circuit for his hectic, fearsome sets and equally ripping productions, the techniques behind which he recently showcased in a Beatport Studio Session.

Glasgow native, Copenhagen-based Solid Blake meanwhile has been on a formidable course of late with one of her fierce electro productions making it into Volume Four of Modeselektor’s Modeselektion series. Not only that, but last year’s ‘Mario’ EP on Glasgow’s Outer Zone was a game changing affair, not least for the immense DJ Stingray remix on the B-Side.

Now, the pair have teamed up to form Historical Repeater, and the results are as ferocious as you might expect. Set to release their debut four-track EP ‘Scientific Calculator’ on Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle in June, the collaboration is described as one which “[channels] the spirit of classic techno with high-level sound design, alongside tricky, raw electro that doesn't compromise”.

‘Flashdrive’ – premiering below – is a fine example of each of those facets. Opening with dizzy, congested bass warbles, when the electrifying percussion and supercharged stabs unleash themselves with fierce abandon the energy is deliriously palpable. As satisfying as the best sneeze you ever let out. Coupled with the hammering techno of the EP’s three other cuts, it makes for quite the listening experience.

‘Scientific Calculator’ is out on vinyl on 4th June and digitally on 18th June. You can pre-order it here.