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Presented by Chicago’s Moody Recordings

Legendary Chicago house label Moody Recordings presents its newest compilation, IBIZA CLOSING 2014. A perfect perfect end of summer fix,  soundtracking the season’s sun-drenched beach days and rapturous evenings, Moody's latest offering will inspire you to get up and dance through the coming winter months.

With 14 pounding tracks of pure signature Moody house winding up the season, IBIZA CLOSING 2014 includes a full compilation and a bonus track creating a 15 track mix down by Moody’s Evil Twin, and includes his original “Dreams” alongside MC Theo, a deep grooving song with an ethereal vocal reminiscent of those pre-dawn moments where the day is about to unfold with the never ending menagerie that is synonymous with Ibiza. Other noteworthy tracks are, a new remix by Alyson Calagna of the memorable house track, “Hey Chica,” the pumping “Get to Work” by Lea Luna, Alyson Calagna & label boss Jonas Tempel, “Believe In Love” by Lock Angeles featuring the sexy vocal of Thomas Oliver, Higher Self’s “Over You” and a preview of the dark and trippy “Feel You” by Herbology to name a few.

Moody Recordings' "IBIZA CLOSING 2014" is packed with endless inspiration to keep your hedonism of summer gone by. Listen to it first below.