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Premiere: Iron Curtis ‘Werc Werc Werc’

Iron Curtis steps up on Ripperton’s Tamed Musiq for his sophomore LP. ‘Werc Werc Werc’ is a typically deep, moody cut of absorbing house minimalism…

Iron Curtis has been nothing short of prolific since his debut EP 10 years ago. Veering from minimal deep house to disco infused club heaters via abstract ambience and leftfield techno, the Berlin-based DJ/producer – real name Johannes Paluka – has built a reputation as a versatile and ever-consistent artist.

With previous releases on labels like Mirau, Hudd Traxx, Retreat and Uncanny Valley, Iron Curtis is set to release his sophomore LP on Ripperton’s Tamed Musiq on 24th September. ‘Upstream Colour’ lives up to its name. A vibrant, 12-track collection of mesmerising house threaded together by lush, beatless vignettes, it’s the producer’s most cohesive work to date and is replete with special moments and nourishing sounds.

‘Werc Werc Werc’ – premiering below – is one of the album’s more techno-leaning moments, with a heads-down groove and sporadic, miniscule vocal cuts dancing about a low growling bass and wavey atmosphere it is a deep, moody cut that relishes in its minimalism.

Check out or DJ Mag Podcast mix and interview with Iron Curtis from the end of 2017 here.