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Premiere: Masomenos ‘No Why feat. Cesar Merveille’

Parisian wizards of playful microhouse return with their new LP, ‘M7TH’, and bring their vibrant universe of strange sounds along with them…

Parisian duo Masomenos (Joan Costes and Adrien de Maublanc) have quietly been one of the most prolific pairs operating out of the city in recent years. Over the past decade, Costes and Maublanc have crafted a colourful, cartoon universe of graphic design, audio-visual experimentation, fashion, toys and music, all under their “Welcome to Masomenos” banner. The multi-faceted duo have fashioned a sort of brand that is at once strange, beguiling and endearing.

Not only that, but throughout a formidably huge back catalogue, their style of wonky, minimal techno and micro-house is unmistakable, given their penchant for warbling bass, daft vocal sampling and goofy melodies balanced on top of hefty kicks and snares.

Their new album ‘M7TH’ follows the same formula and on ‘No Why feat. Cesar Merveille' – premiering below – the duo are on top form. Crisp, ethereal keys skirt around Merveille’s mysterious, altered vocals while an infectious groove props the whole thing up with precision and class.

If you have not already been acquainted with the weird and wonderful world of Masomenos, it is high time you ventured down the rabbit hole. Listen to ‘No Why feat. Cesar Merveille’ below.

'M7TH' is out 13th April. Pre-order it here.