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Premiere: Naum Gabo ‘250914ªº (Night Mix)’

Optimo’s JG Wilkes and mastering engineer James Savage team up on Huntleys & Palmers' sub-label Belters –  ‘250914ªº (Night Mix)’ is a sizzling, peak time banger and we’re utterly obsessed with it...

Everyone stop whatever the heck it is you’re doing because it does not matter! This is the best track you will hear all week.

JG Wilkes, one half of the untouchable Glasgow-based DJ/production/label duo Optimo (Espacio), and their longstanding mastering engineer James Savage have teamed up for a new release on Huntleys & Palmers' sub-label Belters. 

Under the Naum Gabo alias, the pair’s latest EP tomorrow 6th April – . Below, we are premiering the five-track EP’s standout banger, ‘250914ªº (Night Mix)’ and we cannot get over it at all.

Channeling the spirit of Optimo’s legendary Sub Club parties, the EP is a versatile, dynamic release of sizzling electronics and pounding percussion, swerving from trippy techno to wiry acid house and electro with a hectic punk flair running throughout its duration. 

‘250914ªº (Night Mix)’ is a red hot, percussive rattler, made for the hypnotic apex of a night in a dark, cavernous club space.

Huntleys & Palmers releases in the past have come from the likes of General Ludd, Hi & Saberhagen and Wheelman.

Just listen to the darn thing. Pre-order the EP here.