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Premiere: Paddy Mulcahy ‘You Could Walk Across The Shannon’

Montreal-based electronic composer Paddy Mulcahy shares his shimmering ode to overcoming the impossible…

Paddy Mulcahy may be based in Montreal now, but his new single ‘You Could Walk Across The Shannon’ was inspired by the river of his home-city of Limerick, Ireland.

Lifted from his new ‘From Water’ EP on Phases Records, ‘You Could Walk Across The Shannon’ is a warm, synth led gem that invokes the likes of Tangerine Dream, Nils Frahm and Four Tet’s more cinematic, ambient moments. Following from his stunning 2017 LP ‘The Words She Said’, Mulcahy’s two decades of musicianship are reflected in the consideration and patience in this composition.

Mulcahy’s music has been an understated presence throughout the creative industry for the past number of years, featuring at Cannes Film Festival and London Fashion Week among other events, but now it feels more important than ever that his brand of intimate, cinematic electronica be appreciated on its own merits.

Describing the track, Mulcahy says, “‘You Could Walk Across The Shannon’ is about overcoming the impossible. It’s a musical representation of being an underdog in a vicious race; it’s the rare ability to walk across a riverbed at low-tide. I want to inspire people who are suffering, people who are sad and feel like there’s no point. This music was inspired by nature, people and my overcoming depression.”

'From Water' is out 5th May via Phases Records. Listen to 'You Could Walk Across The Shannon' below.