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Premiere: Rizu X ‘Dark Jungle’

Stepping up on the ever-exhilarating Cómeme’s latest compilation, emerging producer Rizu X delivers a dose of primal, visceral and psychedelic techno...

Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label is one like no other. Over the course of the past decade the prolific imprint has championed electronic music of a particular, playful strand. From the clattering, goofy, drum laden jams of Aguayo himself, Christian S, DJs Pareja and
Ana Helder to the darker, menacing club turns of rRoxymore and Carisma, there is an unmistakable zeal throughout the label’s catalogue. Even in its murkiest depths, like on Lena Willikens’ ‘Phantom Delia’, the darkness is something menacing and relished in rather than brooded over and idealised.

For their latest compilation series ‘Solidarity Forever’ the label has been introducing artists both emerging and established to their world, expanding the Cómeme family as part of their “commitment to the reconstruction of underground culture”.

‘Solidarity Forever Vol II’ is set to drop on 29th June and features cuts from the likes of the mighty Ana Helder, Gladkazuka and Vaskular who’ve previously appeared on the label as well as from newcomer Rizu X, who makes her debut on the label with the harrowing ‘Dark Jungle’.

‘Dark Jungle’ – premiering below – will likely be an introduction for many to the producer. Hailing from the between the border cities of Mexico and the U.S., Nuevo Laredo and Laredo, Rizu X – real name Lizett Montiel – has been quietly forging a reputation for her live shows. This track is a heady dose of primal, visceral and psychedelic techno with harrowing organic percussion, haunting synths and mantra-like vocal chops that wield a dark, hallucinatory quality.

Pre-order ‘Solidarity Forever Vol II here.