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Premiere: Shinedoe ‘Mutant Frequencies’

Shinedoe launches her new MTM Records (Music That Moves) label with ‘Mutant Frequencies’. The title track is a gripping, arpeggiated techno roller for the peak time slot...

Since 2004, Amsterdam’s Shinedoe has been at the forefront of the city’s techno scene and beyond as the co-founder of the Intacto label with 2000 And One as well as through her incendiary, urgent techno productions.

Now, the prolific artist – real name Chinedum Nwosu – has launched her new imprint to cater exclusively to her own productions. MTM Records (Music That Moves) debuts with ‘Mutant Frequencies’, a three-track selection of typically top-notch techno that moves from cavernous modulated hypnotism to glitchy acid and back again.

The title track is huge, packed with a dense kick and rich, intoxicating arpeggios carrying it to a peak time apex that will send whatever dancefloor it crosses into a frenzy. Check it out below.

Pre-order 'Mutant Frequencies' here.