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Premiere: Solkatt ‘Je Suis’

Irish production dream team Leo Pearson and Peter Lawlor have paired up to create an expansive, 90-minute electronic trip – ‘Je Suis’ is as gripping an introduction as they come...

In 2017, Leo Pearson and Peter Lawlor were commissioned to create 90 minutes of original music for a 46-speaker geodesic dome at Ireland’s largest musical festival Electric Picnic.

The installation, a part of Red Bull's Soundome Stage, found the pair embracing sounds on a grand, cinematic scale that nonetheless maintained a danceable groove. ‘Je Suis’ – premiering below – is the first music to be shared from the now reworked productions from the installation. Opening with an assertive kick and dark bass pulse, it is at once organic and otherworldly, especially once the hypnotic vocal flutters make their way into the mix.

Moving from its nocturnal techno introduction into more triumphant, cinematic territory with huge strings and soundscapes, the track captures both of the producers’ sensibilities excellently. Lawlor has been producing clattering house cuts for several years now under his Replete moniker, with releases on labels like Always Human Tapes, Ele Records, Paper Recordings. Pearson meanwhile, is a longstanding producer and sound engineer who has worked with the likes of Shit Robot, David Holmes, Elvis Costello and U2.

"Dark, ambient, noisy, melodic, too much, not enough” are the words used by the hardware and synthesiser loving pair to describe their debut album, recorded over the course of a year in the Irish countryside. It will be out later this year. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Je Suis’.