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Premiere: Tinfoil 'Friendly Safe Fumes'

Two legends of Irish electronics Sunil Sharpe and DeFeKt (Matt Flanagan) will release their debut album as Tinfoil next month - 'Friendly Safe Fumes' is a hefty serving of relentless electro, representative of an LP of supreme brutality...

For well over a decade, Sunil Sharpe and DeFeKt (Matt Flanagan) have been two of the most pivotal artists in Ireland’s clubbing landscape. With DeFeKt being best known for his ferocious modular cuts and masterful live sets, and Sharpe for his inimitable all-vinyl DJ sets, between them, the pair have a deserved reputation as Ireland’s premier techno and electro acts.

Together then, Sharpe and Flanagan make for a formidable duo. As Tinfoil, they have already released six EPs over the past couple of years, with last year’s ‘Tinfoil 5’ release featuring the frankly savage, Conor McGregor-sampling ‘Twerp’.

Now, Tinfoil are about to drop their debut full-length ‘On A Roll’. Set for release on vinyl on 23rd April and digitally on 7th May, the abum is a 10 track collection of punishing, hypnotic techno and electro that combs both producers’ talents to make something energised and percussive enough for the club, but subtly complex enough for home listening – that is, of course, if you have total disregard for your neighbours ears.

'Friendly Safe Fumes' - premiering below – has been garnering immense support from DJs like Rebekah, Anetha and Gary Beck in the lead up to the album’s release. And with good reason. A peak-time frenzy full of metallic modular synths, cacophonous percussion and shards of bass, the track shows the duo at their most fired-up and is indicative of an album of supreme brutality.  

Sunil Sharpe is the founder of Give Us The Night, an initiative in Ireland that has been working tirelessly to combat the country’s archaic licensing laws when it comes to nightclubs. Learn more about the work of the volunteer group here

Pre-order ‘On A Roll’ here.