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Premiere: Tomás Urquieta ‘Me Rehuso a Pensar’

Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta readies his debut LP on Infinite Machine. ‘Me Rehuso a Pensar’ is a powerful jolt of low slung techno adorned with disquieting spoken word...

Mexico’s Infinite Machine label has bring a prolific powerhouse of boundary pushing, percussive techno, EBM and experimental sounds since launching in 2011. With previous releases from Bwana (Nathan Micay), Liar and Troy Gunner to name but a few, the label’s reach is wide and consistently champions emerging producers from across the globe.

It has also been a loyal promoter of Santiago-born, Mexico-based producer Tomás Urquieta, whose previous EPS on the label – 2015’s ‘Manuscript’ and 2016’s ‘La Muerte de Todo Lo Nuevo’ – have swerved from distorted, hammering techno to complex, captivating noise.

Urquieta will release his debut LP on 28th September in the form of ‘Dueños de Nada’. An 11 track trip into the depth of styles he has been honing for the past number of years, its his most ambitious work to date and shows him combing the personal with the political in a calamitous flurry of drums and noise.

“There are voices in Spanish of direct protest towards the system,” the album’s press release says. “Voices where he invites us to be a part of the march of despair, a liberation march for the dancefloor.”

The album – which has already been supported by the likes of Batu, M.E.S.H., Bill Kouligas, Errorsmith, Tzusing and Mumdance – describes itself as a “cry of freedom”. You can pre-order it here.

Listen to Rehuso a Pensar’ – a powerful jolt of low slung techno adorned with disquieting spoken word – below.