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Premiere: Tommy Holohan ‘South Beach Burnin Bins’

Dax J and Mall Grab tipped producer Tommy Holohan steps up with the ferocious ‘Ros Eó’ EP. ‘South Beach Burnin Bins’ is a punishing burst of rave shapes, breaks and techno heat...  

A young trailblazer on the Irish festival and club circuit, Tommy Holohan has been one of the names to bring fast, relentless techno to the country’s ever-expanding scene in the past couple of years.

A resident at popular Dublin party Techno and Cans and founder of Rave Seleks Records, Holohan has displayed a devotion to the electronic music’s hectic sonic history in his sets and productions, fusing classic forms and ideas with more “contemporary” backdrops. It's an approach that has done him well so far and it has found his tracks being dropped regularly in sets by Dax J and in Mall Grab's BBC Essential Mix.

Nowhere is the more abundant than on his forthcoming EP on London’s Civil Disobedience label. ‘Ros Eó’ is a ferocious 4-track injection of adrenaline described as a ”reminiscent journey of his youth, from hang out to hang out, in Rush, Dublin”. Over the course of the release, Holohan swerves from the anxious IDM of ‘Martello’ to atmospheric jungle on ‘Remaining Rogerstown’.

In the middle we get the EP’s most propulsive techno outing ‘Seamos Gaf (Back To When I Wasn't Born Mix)’ and standout cut ‘South Beach Burnin Bins’. The latter, which you can hear below, is a vicious, playful dose of hammering techno embellished with dagger-sharp rave shapes, dizzy breaks and sweltering heat.