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Premire: LT ‘Mesophere’

20-year-old Lewis Taylor, LT, makes his solo debut on Rhythm Section INTL with ‘Forest Floor’. ‘Mesophere’ is a dreamy trip of swerving melodies and crisp breaks…

LT Rhythm Section prem dj mag
LT Rhythm Section prem dj mag

Derbyshire’s precocious son Lewis Taylor, or LT to you and me, has arrived with a lush debut solo EP on Rhythm Section INTL.

The 20-year-old producer, and school friend of fellow Rhythm Section upstart Mallard, has been honing a steady craft for the past couple of years and now, with quiet confidence and breezy sincerity, has delivered a four-track selection of sheer bliss.

Set for release on 27th July, ‘Forest Floor’ flutters and courses like a cool breeze. Awash with fresh breakbeats, crisp classic synth sounds and a hovering, organic atmosphere, this is an EP to be relished in quieter moments, on a solitary stroll or as the dancefloor begins to fill.

‘Mesophere’ is one of the EP’s most club-ready cuts, bursting forward with quick pace and lilting arpeggios as swerving melodies and breaks make for an enchanting, multi-functional listen.

Pre-order ‘Forest Floor’ here.