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London psy-trance party celebrates its 21st birthday

Return To The Source, the pioneering psy-trance party that ran in various large venues around London in the '90s, is back to celebrate its 21st birthday. This Friday 1st August the club-night returns to one of its old haunts – the Brixton Electric, which used to be called the Brixton Fridge.

RTTS was started in 1993 by four partners — Chris Decker, Mark Allen, Janice Duncan and Phil Ross. Pushing the emerging Goa trance sound, it took place at big London venues such as The Rocket in Holloway Road, Bagleys warehouse in Kings Cross and the Fridge in Brixton. Main room acts such as Mark Allen and Man With No Name were offset by chill-out DJs such as Dr Alex Paterson from The Orb and Mixmaster Morris in the other room.

All of these names, plus Japanese trancer Tsuyoshi Suzuki and more, are returning this weekend for a RTTS reunion.

RTTS also put out a load of compilation mixes — both dancefloor Goa/psy trance and chilled out stuff.

Along with Escape From Samsara and Club Alien/Tribal Energy, RTTS was notable for the detail it put into its psychedelic décor — as well as pushing the emerging Goa and tech-trance sounds. “I loved that sound and became public enemy No.1 for playing the Goa sound on Radio 1 at the time,” said legendary house jock Danny Rampling recently when hearing about the RTTS reunion.

RTTS was hugely instrumental in pushing the underground trance sound, which crashed overground just before the Millennium. Look out for a huge trance feature in the September issue of DJ Mag — out on the last Thursday of August.

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