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Our annual Top 100 DJs parties at Marquee Las Vegas are the stuff of legend. And tonight the buzz outside Vegas’s original dance music super club is electric. Hundreds of people crowd the doors, populating the many queues outside the venue, chatting excitably about the huge night ahead.

This year’s party has extra weight, as headliners (Dash Berlin and Ashley Walbridge) will be joined by Tom & Collins - the Miller SoundClash champions, fresh from wowing the crowds at Marquee Dayclub and overcoming stiff opposition from nine other DJs to become the Miller SoundClash champions.

“It was probably one of the hardest sets to play” the affable duo tell us later on, “it is much easier to play for two hours than twenty minutes. You have to keep people entertained but you also need to show the judges that you know what you’re doing so we just kind of decided to pull as much together as possible without it sounding cheesy.”

It certainly worked out for them, as they are now preparing to rock one of dance music’s biggest stages - Top 100 DJs, Las Vegas, alongside Dash Berlin.

We get into the venue at around 10:30pm and Marquee is filling up fast. The club’s cavernous main room, with seemingly infinite ceilings, provides a perfect visual metaphor for Tom & Collins’ ascent from Mixcloud competition entrants to main room Top 100 DJs heroes.

“Make some noise for Mexico” yells the MC (or vibe director, as they like to be called in Vegas). The crowd, many of whom have been partying with us at Marquee Dayclub, vociferously oblige - giving the Mexican duo a headliner’s welcome.

Seemingly unfazed by the moment, Tom & Collins go straight to work destroying the dancefloor, working the mixer in turn and bouncing around in unison behind the decks, supported by whoops and cheers from the Marquee crowd, their growing number of new fans and even their Miller SoundClash competitors.

As the glitter cannons drench the dancefloor in gold flakes for the fourth time in their two hour set, all hands reach for the sky, and it’s clear that the judges made the correct decision. Tom & Collins have star potential that shines right through.

Up next, Top 100 DJs headliner Dash Berlin makes his way into the central DJ booth, the house lights drop to black and hundreds of camera phones pop out of pockets and bags, providing an immediate alternative light show. Dash’s trademark intro echoes around Marquee’s epic main room; “Are You Ready” asks the cinematic baritone voice, “for Dash Berlin”. Marquee is ready.

Dash rolls straight into his anthemic ‘Here Tonight’ and the club explodes all over again as the Dutch DJ - currently ranked at No.10 in the world - chops the air enthusiastically. Once he is settled into his set he takes to the mic and pays a fitting tribute to Tom & Collins, who then pose for photos with one of their idols before leaving Dash to do what he does best - rock the house.

We catch up with the Miller SoundClash winners the next day and the duo are still buzzing from the previous night’s excitement.

“It just felt amazing” they tell us, “we really can’t believe it! We had such a great time yesterday both at the day and night party and it is like a really shocking thing - we were up against some really great DJs and we feel so lucky and grateful to be winners!”

The duo’s modesty - even after owning the dancefloor at one the world’s best clubs - demonstrates their ability to stay grounded; a trait that will fair them well in what is likely to be a fast ascent to the top. With other gigs lined up at EDC Mexico and Beyond Wonderland in the US in the next few months, you are going to hear a lot more about these Mexican lads in the coming months.

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