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One half of Diynamic duo delves deep

First record you ever bought?
“Was not bought, but got it from my cousin. Must have been Discorama 'Born To Be Alive', I guess.”

First two records you tried to mix?
“James Brown (tracks from 'This Is A Man's World') with Diana Ross 'Upside Down'.”

Fondest club experience?
“The big Diynamic Showcases at Bermuda, ADE or Sonar were off the hook!”

Worst club experience?
“Got booked on a big anniversary event for a huge Swiss company. Had to play for six hours in front of an attendance with absolutely no interest in electronic music.”

Most mental event?
“Could name a lot, but the Cityfox Space Knights in New York was out of this world.”

Any era, anywhere?
“History-wise maybe Detroit or Chicago, but speaking of the club scene, maybe Berlin or London in the '90s or even Zurich with the Spider-Galaxy era.”