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White label business

And now for something completely different — a wacky selection of samples to liven up your productions, for any producers on that Knife Party, Diplo, Dave Nada-style production tip. 'Moombahton' is Sample Magic’s latest sample pack, released on their White Label imprint, and one that can definitely be described as on the “wonky” side of the fence.

It takes in all those genres, ranging from reggaeton to jump up, cumbia to dirty Dutch, and whilst on initial listening may only have a limited appeal, used carefully, it can add flavour and spice to any main floor, peak-time production style. Featuring an extensive array of samples covering “heavy tribal beats, Gameboy-style synths, speaker-quaking subs, aggressive leads, warped vox, dub-style FX and more in this street-banging collection of moombahton madness” (words straight from Sample Magic’s promotional blurb), these descriptions aptly cover the pack. The bass sounds are whole and phat, the beats definitely portray a Jamaican/African/South American vibe (that is associated with this style of music), and some even verge on the Nu Yorican Soul tip. Producers will find quite a selection to work from.

The synths go from main riffs and killer leads to computer game-inspired madness. All in all, this could be a useful pack not just for producers who are into the moombathon genre, but for anyone looking for something a little different to add to their productions. Available as WAV sample-friendly formats.