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April Clare Welsh
20 July 2023, 15:16

Get Paid Guide launched for music makers

The guide is intended to put "more money in songwriters’ pockets by taking some of the mystery out of data"


A Get Paid Guide has been launched for UK music makers.

The Get Paid Guide is a partnership between PRS for Music, The Ivors Academy, the Music Publishers Association (MPA), and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). It is aimed at demystifying metadata and helping music makers to better organise their music data and royalties.

The guide features short videos explaining International Standard Musical Work (ISWC), and International Standard Recording (ISRC) codes, as well as a "one-stop checklist" for managing music data.

"This guide simplifies what seems complex by helping songwriters, composers, managers, and publishers understand what they need to know and what they need to do to make sure they aren’t missing out on royalties," said Fiona Bevan, board director at The Ivors Academy. “I hope it puts more money in songwriters’ pockets by taking some of the mystery out of data.”

Check out the Get Paid Guide here.

Earlier in June, as part of a growing movement towards improving the accuracy of metadata, the UK music industry announced their plans to establish a “landmark agreement on streaming metadata", with signatories including the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the Association of Independent Music (AIM), Musicians' Union (MU), and PRS for Music.

A report published last year revealed that music streaming services are likely to be making "significant excess profits that could be shared with creators (artists and songwriters)". The study also showed that an artist could expect to earn around £12,000 from 12 million streams in the UK in 2021, but less than 1% of artists achieve that amount of streams.

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