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April Clare Welsh
21 March 2023, 11:50

Aslice announces partnership with music promotion platform, FatDrop

The metadata project aims to "empower producers to get paid for their music pre-release"

Aslice x FatDrop

Aslice has announced a partnership with music promotion platform, FATdrop.

The collaborative project aims to "empower producers to get paid for their music pre-release" by sharing metadata enabled through a simple feature in FATdrop’s user dashboard.

Launched in March 2022 by DJ and producer DVS1, Aslice is a new service that asks DJs to donate 5% or more of their fee to artists whose music they play, processing all setlists uploaded by DJs using its app.

Now any pre-release promos serviced via FATdrop can be matched in Aslice via a new feature in the FATdrop preferences which allows users to share their metadata upfront (only artist names and track titles sent as a text file).

"Thousands of A-list DJs check FATdrop every week to get their promos, and it makes sense for Aslice to have the data to match those releases with their owners," said Alex Stacey, FATdrop's owner and product manager. "That way, when any of those DJs take part and donate a part of their DJ fees, the right people get paid."

"In less than a year in public beta, Aslice has already shown that our technology can create new revenue streams, connections within the community, and insights on where music is played and by whom — something that our industry has never seen before," said Aslice CEO Ethan Holben.

He continued: "We see this partnership with FATdrop as the first step of many we have planned in 2023, creating tools that benefit creators and the community that are so valuable and fundamental they become the baseline for the next generations, much like FATdop has done in the field of music promotion."

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