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Shawn Lee is the perfect example of a dynamic artist. His varied and vast career has seen him work with The Dust Brothers and Jeff Buckley, compose award-winning videogame scores, release music on landmark labels like Wall of Sound and build up an impressive studio in the process. Point Blank took a trip to his west London Trans-Yank Studio to set Shawn a challenge – compose and record a track from scratch in two hours. 

With the help of his studio engineer – and now Point Blank instructor – Pierre Duplan, Shawn set about creating a track among his treasure trove of instruments and effects. Find out how he did the video below and if you want to learn more about composition, mixing, mastering and more, find out more about Point Blank’s diploma courses in London here. Artists like Goldie, Claude VonStroke, Plastician and Jon Rundell have all studied online with us, so you’ll be in good company. Find out more about our online diploma courses here.