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Skream and cher Lloyd in Twitter spat

Since expressing his opinion on Cher Lloyds new track, Skream hit by wave of criticism

Last night popular Dubstep producer Skream found himself in the midst of a Twitter row regarding his comments of the new release by former X Factor's Cher Lloyd, titled 'Dub on the Track'.

Skream yesterday said on Twitter: “Dub on the track by Cher Lloyd is awful, worst attempt at a commercial dubstep track so far.” This seemingly fair and constructive criticism was immediately followed up by a wave of angry, often abusive comments onto the South-Londoners home page by Cher Lloyd fans. This included one Cher Lloyd fan who went to volatile measures: “Nah what’s a laugh is your music’s a joke, and Chers is number 1. Keep your opinions to your f***ing self if there that rude”. Skream would later tweet: “Seems I have pi**ed off the entire Cher Lloyd fan club off…LOL”.

Fellow rave-orientated and highly acclaimed artist Feed Me was in supportive mood of Skream, using the social networking medium to state that Skream was fighting a “Good cause”.

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