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Step inside the exhibition showcasing Daft Punk’s 'Technologic' installation

The iconic French duo's latest visual piece joins the likes of Kraftwerk, Ellen Allien and Laurent Garnier in Paris...

Legendary French electronic act Daft Punk's 'Technologic' installation has now opened in the duo's hometown of Paris as part of the Electro: From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk exhibition at the city's Philharmonie de Paris. 

The showcase, which we first reported on back in February, will run from April to August 2019 chronicling a range of synthesised music, and features the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Ellen Allien, with design work from Peter Saville and a soundtrack comprising no less than 11 mixes by Laurent Garnier. 

Check the photos below to see what this homage to all we hold dear looks like from the inside. Once you're done there, read up on how Daft Punk's seminal album, 'Discovery', altered the course of dance music for the 21st Century, before listening to this 14-minute techno track by one-half of the pair, Thomas Bangaltar. Meanwhile, full details of the exhibition can be found on the Philharmonie de Paris website.