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Tale Of Us perform first-ever virtual DJ livestream from Grand Theft Auto nightclub: WATCH

A new era of dance music broadcasts has been born... 

Tale Of Us have performed the first-ever virtual DJ livestream, coming direct from a Los Santos nightclub, the fictional city where Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours sets its scenes. 

The Italian techno duo and Afterlife founders made history when the 30-minute set was broadcast to the Resident Advisor Facebook page. The selections include tracks from their forthcoming album. 

An update to the original game, After Hours sees players running their own venue, and we first reported on the concept in June ahead of its launch last week because of collaborations between development house Rockstar Games and high profile faces from the electronic music world. 

Dixon and The Black Madonna will also feature in staggered expansions of the game, while Solomun was the first to appear, dropping a video for his new track, 'Customer Is King', to mark the occassion, which was 'shot' entirely in the virtual world. Exclusive mixes from all the artists are available to hear on the title's own Los Santos Underground Radio (LS-UR) station.