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10 iconic Luke Solomon cuts

Luke tells his music-making story through 10 of his releases…

Heaven and Earth ‘Space and Time’ (Prescription Underground) 1996

“One of a few records I made with Rob Mello. Prescription was and is a massive part of my early years. Every record was an absolute classic. It was part of the reason why Derrick and me started Classic.”

Unknown Freaks ‘In The Beginning’ (Acid Green) 1996

“This is the first record I made with Justin Harris. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, and it sounds like it too. Derrick included it on his 'Back To Basics: Cut The Crap' CD and people used to play the B-side at the wrong speed apparently.”

Music For Freaks and Their Friends ‘Ass Therapy For Bunny Girls’ (Plink Plonk) 1996

One of two records I made with Derrick. Features the guitar skills of my sadly-departed friend Stephen Twelftree. And a Jacksons sample. It was inspired by a night out with the Basics crew in Manchester with some bunny girls.”

Fifth Edition ‘The Road Trip/Free Soul’ (20/20 Vision/ Classic) 1998

“Two records that Justin and me made with Diesel in the space of a week. One was an obscure Ian Dury cut-up, the other was a cut-up of the disco classic by Dayton. I remember playing ‘Road Trip’ at Plastic People for the first time and the crowd going absolutely bonkers.”

Jean Caffeine ‘Turn Around and Go Backwards’ (Classic) 1998

“I made this especially to play at Space. It was the kind of record I wanted to hear in the club and I had so much fun making it. It later became a staple in both Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos's DJ sets.”

Freaks ‘Turning Orange’ (Playhouse) 1999

“I played this record at Bar Rumba before we released it and the place exploded. Kenny freaked out and demanded that he have my acetate.”

The Digital Kid ‘Data Bleeps and Noises’ (Classic) 2001

“This was my first record for Classic. It originally came about from not having the confidence to attach my name to a solo record. Spaced-out grooves and a locked run-out groove.”

 Luke Solomon ‘The Difference Engine’ (Rekids) 2008

“Another concept album, like the Freaks' ‘Man Who Lived Underground’. The idea here was to make a continuous DJ mix of original material. And it’s an idea I’ve carried with me. There is a continuous mix of the new Digital Kid album and this new solo album.”

Mother Rose ‘Mother Rose EP 1’ (Mother Rose) 2012

“Me and Andy Neal, the original guitarist from Howlin Wilf, ended up going into the studio and recording ourselves singing, banging boxes and generally being daft. The first EP came out on vinyl only, and was championed by Weatherall. The second one is nearly ready to go.”

Luke Solomon ‘Beyond Therapy Vol 1’ (Fullbarr) 2013

“I wanted to do something that was straight house, distinctly uncomplicated and mostly analogue to counteract with ‘Timelines’, which is a very produced and complicated album. This is a return to my roots.”