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Uva Festival in 15th-century Spanish monastery locks Call Super, CPI, DJ Sports, more

The intimate festival takes place in June in the mountains of southern Spain...

Uva festival is returning for its second edition this summer between 8th - 10th June just outside of Ronda, Spain.

Hosted on the scenic grounds of a 15th-century monastery-turned-vineyard, the limited capacity festival has announced a superb line-up featuring the man behind DJ Mag’s favourite album of 2017 Call Super, Regelbau’s DJ Sports and DJ Central, Hivern Discs’ CPI, Donna Leake, Ilian Tape’s Ski Mask and many more besides.

Expanding from last year to have three stages, the new performance area will cater to the more experimental, ambient and jazz focussed side of the line-up

The concept behind the festival is to combine the experiences of visual art, architecture and music in a unique, intimate setting facing the UNESCO World Heritage town of Ronda’s famed cliffs.

Uva has committed to being an environmentally friendly festival and has developed a number of sustainable initiatives to help in making it so. It has teamed up with Spanish design and architecture outfit Zuloark who lead a design workshop in which participants will construct, design and commission various elements of the festival. This “second life” program will subsequently donate works to public buildings, schools and non-profit organizations in Ronda.

The visual art side of this year’s festival is being handled by Berlin-based artist and designer Luca Lozano. There will be three interactive light installations spread across the festival’s grounds.

Take a look at the full line-up below.

There are a number of festivals happening in less conventional settings this summer, with an announcement being made yesterday about a rave taking place in a huge industrial park in west Germany. Disneyland Paris will also be hosting a massive dance music festival this June.


2 Bit Crew (2 Bit Crew Recordings)
African Acid Is The Future (Maryisonacid & Wolfonacid)
Alf Keil (ela Residents)
Budino (Oscillator, Cocktail D’Amour)
Call Super (Hessle Audio)
CPI (Hivern Discs)
Da Matta (Live) (Bossa FM)
Debora Ipekel (Winds n Skins)
Dirk 81 (Tartelet Records)
Donna Leake (Winds n Skins)
DJ Central (Regelbau, Dekmantel)
DJ Sports (Regelbau)
Dorado (Downpitch Recordings)
Habibi Funk (Jakarta Records)
Industrias94 Collective
Jonas Friedlich (Molton Moods, Mistress Recordings)
Juanito Jones (Zuloark)
Jonny Rock (Hamam House)
La Mamie’s (Mamie’s Records)
Miss Jay (Oost)
Moody Collective
O.BEE (Resolute)
OG Juan (Undermad)
Orpheu the Wizard (Red Light Radio)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV (Live)
Simone de Kunovich
Skee Mask (Ilian Tape)
Tito Wun (Melting Point)
Tomas Station (Downpitch Recordings)
Zenker Brothers  (Ilian Tape)