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Our wrap up of this month's best music vids. 

Etherwood ‘For A Time I Was You’
Coming straight off his latest and highly anticipated EP ‘Blue Leaves' is the wonderfully emotive ‘For A Time I Was You’. The touching melody and rolling percussion are set against visuals of Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park in California, which come from excellent English video artist, Max Palmer. It’s a match made in D&B heaven and deserves to be heard and watched on a decent system. Etherwood’s 14-track album is due out this week on Hospital Records offshoot, Med Schoo

FTSE 'Blood On My Hands'
UK hip-hop star FTSE hit out with a poignant message in recent single, ‘Blood On My Hands ‘, which tackles the issue of ethics in the manufacturing of clothing. Sounds heavy. Well, the message is, but they package it using catchy rhymes, and a slick video from Luke Bather — who also directed their earlier tracks, 'St Tropez' and 'SIRVYVIN, CNT HLP MSLF'. FTSE released an excellent debut ‘Joyless' this year, that dropped via London independent, Lucky Number.

Roisin Murphy 'Evil Eyes'
Following on from her directorial debut on previous single, 'Exploitation', Roisin impresses again, this time with a weirdly charming story of a mother losing the plot and her family trying to pick up the pieces. Delivered with a stiff tongue in cheek depiction, within a hyperreal family home setting, 'Evil Eyes' is a synth laced, funk-filled jam, topped off with Roisin's incredible vocals. It's straight off her latest album, Hairless Toys, which is on Play It Again Sam.

Hot Chip 'Huarache Lights'
This is has been out for the entire summer now but the video is a visual delight. It takes inspiration from a light installation built by the artist Robert Bell, and was filmed in one take by Andy Knowles. The entire video appears as though it could be enhanced or aided by computer design, so it’s even more impressive that it’s all photography. Set against this beefy Hot Chip (cue: nod to the Chemical Brothers) track, 'Huarache Lights', it’s a surefire winner. This falls off the current Hot Chip album, 'Why Make Sense'

Hurts 'Lights'
Hurts are well-known for their charting prowess, and with this latest single ‘Lights’, they combine their regular sensibilities with some much-needed slow-disco grooving. The accompanying visuals are a dark seven minutes of work from Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson with award-winning music video director Dawn Shadforth, who Hurts previously teamed up with on 'Wonderful Life' in 2010. This comes from their upcoming album 'Surrender', due out in October 2015 via Columbia Records.