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Dub Pistol's front man on his first gig

“I think my first gig was in the early ‘90s at Peach in Vauxhall, it was after my band Déjà Vu had come to an end.

The first time I got asked to play, I just felt so sick with nerves. Andy Morris was playing there too, and he came to pick me up from home. I took my records down, got to the car, was sick, and took my records back up again. I couldn’t face it. When I did turn up a month or two later when they booked me again, they booked me to play in the chill-out room with Paul Thomas from Kiss.

I went in there with a full set of bangers, took a couple of pills and some amyl nitrate, and just fucking passed out on the decks after about three tracks. I got invited back though, and it went on from there. I don’t think I could mix properly then, which is how I came to form the Dub Pistols — getting other people to play stuff over the top of what I was doing.”